The Sopranos project is a series of videos based on great sopranos which have contributed immeasurably to this art form and who are fast being forgotten. Such sopranos have always inspired me throughout my career. 

These short videos are to share my admiration and appreciation of these amazing singers. I want to share with you their lives, their talent and what made them great, coming from my own personal perspective. From my own experience of this music world, I hope to share with you some unique insights.

Researching, studying and listening to their recordings have always been part of my own process of preparing for performances. Sopranos! continue to inform and deepen my experience as a singer and performer which I will be delighted to share with you on this website

From Handel to Cohen

FROM HANDEL TO COHEN project is a series of home-recorded videos of a varied range of repertoire. This is a new and challenging medium of performing for me, but it is one which most musicians are embracing in order to keep performing during these restrictive times.

Learning the basics of audio and video recording is a totally new language in itself and necessary for social media. For me, a live performance will always be my first choice, but I believe we can develop a different yet still viable method of performance which will have its own place.

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